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Newest Dan Grades: 25th May 2021

Some great news!

Firstly, Jenson completed his ‘time served’ since achieving his black belt and completed the required work. He was therefore awarded with his 1st Dan (Shodan).

Adam has been working extremely hard and has actually been grading on his karate since November. It hasn’t been easy with several lockdowns getting in the way and with so much to do and get through. It hasn’t been an ideal time for him to grade but we’re happy to say....he did it! Through all his physical, written tests, fighting, portfolio, stamina, self defence, anatomy, teaching and history oral. We are happy to announce Adam had passed his Intermediate Black belt.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to announce that after 2 years since her 1st Dan, with just as much work, dedication, testing, sweat and tears....Amber has achieved her 2nd Dan. This again was an extremely difficult feat, in our current times, but nothing was going to stand in her way.

Well done all 3!!

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