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With constant concerns from parents about adults working with children and Police Checks, we are asked on a regular basis about whether we have been vetted.


All Chief Instructors, instructors & trainee instructors (of 18 or above), have been police checked and each have a current DBS (originally known as Enhanced CRB check) certificate!. This is a rule Zoku sticks by without fail, to provide and promote good practice and follow safeguarding procedures.


The 3 main Instructors -


1) Have Instructor teaching qualifications issued by MAIUK (Martial Arts Instructor UK programme) and attend these courses every 2 years

2) All 3 are fully insured with 'Protectivity'

3) Have an excellent 25 year reputation and history of running their karate clubs.

4) Sensei Sarah has a level 3  Child Education qualification in teaching which also includes child psychology, safeguarding (designated person),  FGM Awareness, PREVENT and other certificates..

5) All have First Aid training through J.S Training. They attend first aid courses every 3 years, as standard. Sensei Sarah also has Paediatric First Aid.




All qualified instructors have got first aid qualifications and always carry a first aid kit with them, as well as a defibrillator and an emergency phone with contact numbers. There are also many of our students and assistant instructors in the association who are also first aid trained.

All our first aid qualifications are renewed every 3 years, and taught by J.S Training





All qualified Instructors have their own Instructors insurance , as well as their own licence insurance.

All students in the association has a licence ,which is renewed on a yearly basis.

All our insurance is controlled by CMAA and placed through an insurance company

Instructors (Student Age limits: NONE.): Civil Liability* at £5,000,000.
All students must be CMAA members. Cover also applies to and includes all Instructors and Assistant Instructors under the direct control and supervision of the Head Instructor holding the Policy. However the Head Instructor must be present at all times and in the event that he / she is not then the others will need to take out their own cover.

.Students (Student age limits: NONE.): Member / Member and Public Liablity at £5,000,000.
This is FREE as part of CMAA membership and covers for accidental bodily injury to third parties and /or damage to third party property arising out of the insured activities.
* Member to member liability
* Indemnity to principals
* Liability for damage to leased, hire, or borrowed premises


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