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Zoku Christmas Presentation Evening 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We had an amazing night of fun and games, where the Zoku students came together, under our theme 'Back to the past'. Our board games evening encouraged students to move away from their devices and their phones, and instead socialise, have fun and show a bit of competitiveness.

We then held our presentation of awards, starting with our Christmas creative competition. The winner of our Christmas card competition was Caitlin, followed by Leyah, Miguel, Amber, Kelsey and Anita.

The winner of our Christmas toilet roll competition was Juliet, followed by Miguel, Aseda, Samuel, Amber, leyah and Kelsey.

Then we moved onto our main awards, including attendance awards, dojo capatin awards, Achiever of the Year trophies, Guy Rutherford Tora Award going to Caitlin and the Overall Karateka Award, which this year went to Stephanie.

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