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Rokudan (6th Dan) Black belt


Senior instructor (Zoku)


Level 1: Martial Arts Instructor UK


First Aid Qualified (J.S Training)


Fully Insured: Insure 4 Sport

DBS Full Enhanced Disclosure (Police check)


























Started training in Shotokan under ESKA Baldock 1996

Gained Blackbelt: May 2000

Gained 1st Dan: December 2000

Gained 2nd Dan: November 2003

Gained 3rd Dan: November 2007

Helped establish ZOKU (Senior Instructor/Examiner): October 2010

Received 4th Dan: November 2011

Received 5th Dan: November 2016

Received 6th Dan: November 2022



















People trained with...

Mick Randall

Akita Sensei

Kancho Kanazawa

Murakami Sensei
Sensei Ticky Donovan

Terry Pottage
Wayne Otto
Rakesh Patel

Mike Nursey


Sensei Alan was born 10th October 1967 and started karate at the Baldock Karate Club under Sensei Sarah Fullarton and Sensei George Fullarton in April 1996, when the club first opened to the public. Alan trained hard throughout the years and graded to 3rd Dan with ESKA in 2007 and then awarded his 4th, 5th and then his 6th Dan by the CMAA in November 2022. 


Alan competed at several association competitions and came away with trophies and medals in Individual kata events. One championship in particular stands out for Alan, which is when he won 1st place as a purple belt and was awarded his trophy by the late Sensei Harry Jones.


When the ZOKU Shotokan Karate association was created in October 2010, Sensei Alan was given the title of 'Senior Instructor' by the 2 chief instructors. Although Alan is not one of the Chief instructors, he has been given the next highest title and respected highly, by all.
Alan enjoys teaching students of all ages and loves a challenge. Alan is very committed to keeping a traditional strict lesson, with all students concentrating and behaving. He listens to so many parents who come to ZOKU hoping for the strong rules of ettiqette and discipline for their children.


Alan has had to deal with his own personal challenge, when he was diagnosed with severe premature Osteo-arthritis and has had a total of 5 full hip replacements. This has been put down to all the long distance running and marathons he took part in, when he was younger.
Alan is not only interested in the physical aspect of the martial art but also loves the history, background and philosophy of karate, dating back generations. He spends a lot of time researching and reading about all areas of the martial arts.
Outside of Karate life, Alan enjoys many sports, including golf, archery, shooting, table tennis, tennis, darts and cricket. Although he is not able to take part in a great deal of sports, due to his current hip problems, he hopes one day he can enjoy them once again. Alan lives with Sensei Sarah and their 2 children, Leyah and Amber.




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