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Rokudan (6th Dan) Black Belt


Joint Chief instructor (Zoku)


Level 1: Martial Arts Instructor UK


First Aid Qualified (J.S Training)


Fully Insured: Insure 4 Sport


 DBS Full Enhanced Disclosure (Police check)































Started training in Shotokan under ESKA 1992


Gained Blackbelt May 1996


Gained 1st Dan November 1996


Gained 2nd Dan June 1999


Gained 3rd Dan November 2002


Received 4th Dan November 2006

Established ZOKU (Joint Chief Instructor): October 2010

Received 5th Dan November 2011

Received 6th Dan: November 2017
















Has trained with.....

Terry Pottage

Ticky Donovan

Kancho Kanazawa

Murakami Sensei

Akita Sensei

Mick Randall

Wayne Otto
Rakesh Patel

Mike Nursey



Sensei George was born on 10th August 1956 and started karate under ESKA in 1992 at the Hitchin dojo. He had decided to join his daugher in learning Shotokan karate. Due to the decline and closure of this club, he then moved to the Sandy club and later to the Leisure Centre in Stevenage.


George jointly opened the Baldock Karate club, with his daughter in April 1996, as an intermediate black belt. The club soon became a huge success and therefore forcing 2 additional evenings to be opened, at the same venue.


In May 1996 George passed his black belt grading exam and trained hard throughout the years to receive his 4th Dan in November 2006, through the same association.


George joined his daughter to win many trophies in the Adult Team Kata categories, in the yearly association competitons. Although competing isn't something Sensei George himself is greatly interested in, he enjoys helping others prepare for competition and loves to see his students succeed. Commitment and detail is something Sensei George teaches for success in Championships and gradings.


In October 2010 Sensei George and Sensei Sarah broke away from the association of ESKA and established their own association called ZOKU Shotokan Karate. ZOKU was chosen as the name of their new association, as it represented the family values and the team spirit they create amongst the teachers and students. Along with their Baldock Club, came the Kimpton Club, Symonds Green Club and Peters Green. The association is now very successful, has a great reputation and is growing rapidly.


Sensei George enjoys teaching a large range of students but particularly enjoys teaching kata application (Bunkai) and Self Defence theories. These are some of the important aspects he wished to implement and pass onto the students, under the new association. He wanted to make sure traditional aspects were always performed and never forgotten but at the same time new theories/laws on street self defence taught.

With the new grading syllabus and belt colour system, they wished to have less of a knowledge/performance gap between adults and juniors and to make sure all ages were respected and thier grades appreciated.


Sensei George is a qualified Kumite judge, Highest Level 1 instructor through the Martial Arts Instructor UK Programme and 6th Dan black belt, awarded by the governing body in November 2017.


Outside of Karate, George enjoys football, swimming, table tennis and snooker. He has 3 grown up children and lives with his wife in Bedfordshire.




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