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Rokudan (6th Dan) Black Belt


Joint Chief instructor (Zoku)


Level 1: Martial Arts Instructor UK


 NNEB Qualified


GNVQ Leisure & Recreation Advanced (injury & Coaching)


First Aid Qualified (J.S Training)


Fully Insured: Insure 4 Sport

DBS Full Enhanced Disclosure (Police check)


























Started training in Shotokan under ESKA 1990


Gained Blackbelt: May 1996


Gained 1st Dan: November 1996


Gained 2nd Dan: June 1999


Gained 3rd Dan: November 2002


Received 4th Dan: November 2006

Established ZOKU (Joint Chief Instructor): October 2010

Received 5th Dan: November 2011

Gained 6th Dan: November 2017



























Has trained with.....

Ticky Donovan

Terry Pottage
Wayne Otto
Rakesh Patel

Mike Nursey

Kancho Kanazawa

Murakami Sensei

Akita Sensei

Mick Randall



Sensei Sarah Fullarton was born on 7th February 1981 and started karate in December 1990 under ESKA, at the age of 9 years old. Her first classes were held at Barnwell School in Stevenage, which later moved to Collinswood school. Sensei Sarah's father wished to start karate, so Sarah moved to a Hitchin Club (St Johns Community Centre) where children and adults could train together. Due to the decline and closure of this particular club, Sarah then moved to the Sandy club and then later on to the Leisure Centre in Stevenage.

Sensei Sarah never missed a kyu grading and by May 1996 passed her black belt at the age of 15 years old, in an adult exam. Sarah participated in all the association Competitions and brought away many trophies and medals in Individual Kata and Team Kata. Sarah was also selected to participate in many outside championships, including the Children's National's at Crystal Palace, British Karate Open in Cheshunt and Shotokan Invitational in Enfield (to name a few).


Nowadays, Sensei Sarah enjoys preparing and training up her own students for competitons, with great results/wins in the Wado-Kai 'All England' Championships in Sheffield, England Nationals in Sheffield and  British International in Crawley. Although kata and Shotokan tradition is very important to Sarah, she also feels very strongly that students should be aware and know about other martial arts. Although she does not bring other martial arts into the normal training sessions, she does arrange many courses to introduce other types and styles to their students.


Sensei Sarah started teaching at the age of 14, when she jointly opened the Baldock Karate Club with her father, as an Intermediate black belt, in April 1996. The club grew and grew and in October 2010, she broke away from ESKA with her father as 4th Dan black belts and established their own association called ZOKU Shotokan Karate. Deciding the name ZOKU symbolised the heart felt 'family' importance they so strongly believed in, they created their new grading syllabus, a new colour belt rank system and spent all the time and effort needed to establish a very successful and well known association.With their original Baldock club, also came Kimpton club, Peters Green and Symonds Green Club making it a very impressive association.


Sensei Sarah is a qualified Kumite Judge, Highest Level 1 instructor, under the Martial Instructor UK Progamme and 6th Dan black belt awarded by the governing body in November 2017.


Sensei Sarah loves kata in particular and enjoys trying to perfect kata, whilst also keeping the kata in its original ancient form.


Outside of karate, Sensei Sarah enjoys many other sports including gymnastics, swimming, tennis & football. Sarah used to play for Stevenage Borough Ladie's football club, until karate took over her life.

Sensei Sarah enjoys teaching children, especially her own children. Sensei Sarah has 2 children, Leyah and Amber who also love karate.



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