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Guy Rutherford 'TORA' Award


















The Guy Rutherford TORA award was created in memory of one of the Kimpton/Baldock students who sadly died on 30th December 2009, while training. He was an intermediate black belt and was due to go for his blackbelt within a few months. In his memory, we created a special award....


The Guy Rutherford 'TORA' Award


The award is given out to a special student in the ZOKU association (at xmas), who we feel has shown the same attributes as Guy himself.

Tora represents a tiger, which is a very respected animal in Japan. Guy was respected by all his fellow students and he always gave respect in return. Like a tiger, Guy was very quiet, calm, precise and would always listen. However he was always ready to show his determination and courage, if the time would arise. No challenge was ever too hard! Guy was always willing to give something a go and would love to compete, take part in activities and loved freestyle (tora also meaning attacker). The TORA award will only go to a student who we feel has also gained and showed these particular criteria.











2010: Gavin Corcoran

2011: Maxine Charlton

2012: Bradley Tkacz-Beal

2013: Carolyn Baker

2014: Matthew Corcoran

2015: Amy Lewis

2016: Rennan Tilbury

2017: Callum Smith

2018: Amber Fullarton-Turner

2019: George Smith

2020: Leyah Fullarton-Turner

2021: Paul Switzer

2022: Sofia Antoniou

2023: Caitlin Mullen

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