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Christmas Presentation & Jumper Week

The last week leading up to Christmas closure, the association has its traditional Christmas Jumper week. All students love to join in by dusting off their Christmas jumpers from the back of the wardrobe and wearing it proudly to their karate classes.

We set out Christmas competition, where this year it was all about the perfect 'Karate' photo. We had so many entries this year, that we ended up giving out prizes to 7 winners.

As well as this, it gives the instructors time to hand out the well deserved trophies for the year. Due to long lockdown earlier in the year, we decided we would not be handing out all the awards and trophies we would have normally. But, we did still give out the most important ones.

Dojo Captains: Adam, Stephanie and Holly

Guy Rutherford Tora Award: Paul Switzer

Overall Karateka 2021: Isaac

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