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Presentation and Mini Championships

We had our yearly Presentation today but added a mini championship kata competition as well.

Presentation awards were as follows......

Overall Karateka 2019: Jenson

Guy Rutherford Tora Award 2019: Amber

Yearly Achiever trophies: Stanley, Freddie, James and Matthew

Dojo Captains: Raya and Mason

Top attendances: Ella, Raya, Aaron, Daniel, Jenson, Zach, Adam, Leyah, Amber and Callum

Cadet Instructor Qualifications (MAIUK): Aaron and Raya

Category A Comp - 1st: Holly 2nd:Lucy 3rd: Joao

Category B Comp - 1st:Sebastian 2nd:Ben 3rd: Matthew

Category C - 1st:Sarah 2nd:Stuart 3rd: David

Category D - 1st:James 2nd Freddie 3rd: Oliver

Category E - 1st:Mason 2nd Jenson 3rd: Daniel

Category F - 1st Amber 2nd: Leyah 3rd: Aaron

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