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New Zoku Summer Uniform

Having a summer uniform has been something we have thought about for many years. It can be rather uncomfortable and very hot, wearing a karate suit and even more so, for a full heavyweight suit, in the heat of summer. Students would visibly start to slow down and were not able to enjoy their lesson as much, with the restriction of a sweaty and sticky uniform clinging to them.

We wanted something light and airy, but also that keeps students smart and representing our association. Our tops are made of a very lightweight material, which are breathable and keeps the perspiration away. They involve several of our Zoku colours, but primarily keeping to traditional white and displaying our Zoku badge on its left-hand side. Kyu grades get to wear the white shorts and black belts wear the black shorts, to mirror the normal trouser version.

Our new summer tops can be worn to all classes throughout the months of July and August and then under instructor permission on further hot days during June and September.

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