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Dan grading success

Today was the private Dan grading.

Students prepare for months/years to go for these exams. Many parts of the grading are completed prior to the grading day, including Japanese Terminology written test, anatomy tests, fighting, stamina ect ect. The grading day itself can be very nerve racking and can last many hours depending on grade, amount of students grading and how good their performances are.

Jack was attempting his Intermediate Black belt after a long wait. He wanted to make sure he was entirely ready, prepared for it. He had great stamina throughout and showed his aggression and hunger for the belt.

Leyah was attempting her 2nd Dan (Nidan) after waiting 2 1/2 years since her black belt. There was a huge amount of preparation for this grade, including personal set-works and kata bunkai performances. Leyah was also the youngest person we have had going for this grade before.

The grading itself lasted just over 3 hours, which is quite a short grading. Both students performed exceptionally well and the determination was faultless. Both passed with great scores and we are all very proud. Well done!

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