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Dan Grading: Sat 7th May 2016

We are proud to announce the new grades of three of our Zoku students. Jason Harley and Amy Lewis both achieved their black belts and Tamsin Corbett achieved her 2nd Dan black belt.

All three attended the private grading just before 5.50pm and didn't leave until approx. 9.20pm.

It had been a very tough journey for them all, especially in the last few months leading up to the grading, with a huge amount of work, dedication and effort needed to even get ready.

Tamsin was training 3 times per week and with very late nights and early mornings getting paperwork complete and routines perfect. Tamsin is only our 6th student to ever get to this grade.

Jason and Amy now have 6 months to work hard to achieve their full 1st Dan

Well done!

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